Welcome to Suffolk Islamic Center!

Welcome to Suffolk Islamic Center!

Suffolk Islamic Center is located in Ronkonkoma NY, which is close to the MacArthur airport and Ronkonkoma Train Station and ideal to serve the Suffolk County area. The Masjid offers a place to pray the five daily prayers, as well as Jumah Salah, Weekly Halaqa, and Educational programs for youth such as Weekday Quran class, Arabic classes, and Sunday Islamic School. Our vision is to establish and maintain a vibrant community based on Qur'an and Sunnah that is pleasing to Allah.

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Salah Timings


Dawn Prayer

6:30 am


Noon Prayer

1:15 pm


Afternoon Prayer

3:00 pm


Sunset Prayer Sunset


Evening Prayer

8:00 pm


Friday Noon Prayer 1:00 p.m

*Last updated January 11, 2020.

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21 Jun

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<p>Assalamu Alaikum,</p><p>Insha Allah tomorrow, 6/22/18, Shaykh Dr. Hasan Abunar will be coming for Jumuah Khutbah.</p><p>Shaikh Hasan Abunar received his PhD in Tafseer (Exe

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01 Jun

Recite and Ascend Quran Compet

Assalamu Alaikum. Suffolk Islamic Center presents out first ever <strong>Recite and Ascend</strong> Quran Competition. The competition dates are June 9th and June 10th after Asar Salah, and th

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16 May

Ramadan Policies – 2018

Assalamu Alaikum. Please click <a href="https://suffolkic.org/ramadan-policies/">here</a> to view the Suffolk Islamic Center Ramadan Policies.

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